Changing A Domain's MX Entry In cPanel

You can use the Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) function to change where a domain's email is delivered. This allows you to have the email from one domain delivered to another domain.

  1. Point your browser to
  2. If any security certificate alerts pop up, you can safely accept these. Our servers use a self-generated security certificate which keeps the data from the control panel secure when you visit it.
  3. Login to the control panel using your username and password supplied to you at sign up.
  4. Click the 'Mail' option, which is the very first icon.
  5. Next click the 'Modify Mail Exchanger' link toward the bottom of the page.
  6. Click the 'Change an MX Entry' link.
  7. Select the domain you wish to change the entry for from the drop box.
  8. Enter the new destination domain in the blank field and click Change.
  9. If the entry was changed successfully, the following will appear (except the domains listed will be the ones you are using):
    MX Entry Saved
    The MX entry for has been changed to
    The local mail configuration has been updated!