Rules About And Limits On Emailing

The following rules or limits apply to all customers regardless of account type or status. All of these rules and/or limits are also included within our TOS, AUP and/or SLA. This page is provided in the help section as a courtesy and does not supercede or replace any of our TOS, AUP or SLA documents.

  • All accounts use SMTP authentication. You must have SMTP Authentication enabled to send out mail. This means that your email client must be set to use a username/password combination to send out email.
  • There is a 200 email per hour limit set on all accounts. If you need this rule to be suspended, we can do so for short periods and only on a case-by-case basis. Submit a support ticket to request a lift of this limit for your account.
  • Users must consult with support before sending out emails to any mailing list, subscription or otherwise, or any client base, which exceeds 500 total email addresses. Clients failing to inform us of these mass deliveries may face hacing their account suspended.
  • Spamming, in any form, is strictly prohibited. will be the sole judge as to what constitutes spam email. As a guideline we define spam as any unsolicited email delivered with the intention of advertising a product, service, event or venture. There are no exceptions to our spam policies. First offense means termination.