Setting Up An Email Forwarder In CPanel

  1. Point your browser to
  2. If any security certificate alerts pop up, you can safely accept these. Our servers use a self-generated security certificate which keeps the data from the control panel secure when you visit it.
  3. Login to the control panel using your username and password supplied to you at sign up.
  4. Click the 'Mail' option, which is the very first icon.
  5. Next click the 'Forwarders' link toward the bottom of the page.
  6. Click the 'Add Forwarder' link.
  7. Now fill in the email account name you wish to forward from, select the domain name and then fill in the final box with where you want the email to go.
  8. Click 'Add Forwarder'.
  9. Your forwarding email is now set. Deliveries will automatically be forwarded now to your supplied address.
  10. Note: If you have an account under the domain you are forwarding from (meaning if you also set the address up as an account previous to this) mail will still be stored in the inbox for the account. Please do not let email accumulate in your inbox as this is a breach of our TOS.