Setting Up A Spam Filter In Microsoft Outlook Or Outlook Express

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.
  2. In the 'Folders List', create a new folder at the top level called Spam. This is where the email marked as spam will be stored.
  3. Then create a new rule by clicking Tools in the main menu, then Rule Wizard, then New...
  4. Select Start creating a rule from a template and select Move message based on content, then under Rule Description click the specific words link.
  5. Add two options, one for {Spam?} and one for {Definitely Spam?}
  6. Under Rule Description click on the specified folder link and select the Spam folder that you created.
  7. Then click Finish. You could also modify this rule to only check the Subject field rather than the Subject and Body.
  8. That's It. Your spam email will now be shunted over to your new Spam directory whenever it is received. Don't forget to check it often and be on the look out for legitimate mail that gets lost in there! If you need to stop mail from being delivered to your spam filter, set up the sender in your whitelist under cPanel.