Creating A New Email Account In cPanel

  1. Point your browser to, replacing '' with your actual domain name.
  2. If any security certificate alerts pop up, you can safely accept these. Our servers use a security certificate that some browsers may need to have accepted by you before use. Rest assured our certificates are safe.
  3. Login to the control panel using your username and password supplied to you at sign up.
  4. Find the 'Mail' section, which is one of the top sections on the page.
  5. Next click the 'Email Accounts' icon or link.
  6. Now fill in the new email address you wish to create.
  7. Next fill in the password twice. Please use the password generator or make sure you supply a well thought out password.
  8. Finally, choose the size of the mailbox if you want it larger then the default. Keep in mind this goes against your storage space and can make you run out of assigned space quickly. It is recommended you stick with the default size.
  9. Click Create at the bottom of the page.
  10. You have successfully created a new email account!

Emails are only stored on the server for 30 days due to space restrictions associated with shared hosting. So once read, make sure you store your emails locally or ask us about email archiving solutions.

Login to new account using '' (replacing 'domainname' with your own domain) for both incoming and outgoing servers. For more information on setting up your email account on various devices, visit the Email Help Page.