Create An FTP User In cPanel

SFTP/SCP accounts can be set up available upon request. Contact support for further details.

  1. Point your browser to and login to the control panel. Your username is your webtiva account name.
  2. Once logged in, scroll down and find the FTP Accounts icon in cPanel.
  3. Under "Add FTP Account", fill in all the required information and click "Create Account".
  4. Your user will now show up under the FTP Accounts listing. Now you can set up your favorite FTP client to transfer files.

Some Notes:

  • If you assign a specific directory under the "Directory" section when creating a new FTP Account, that user will be "jailed" under that directory. Which means they will not be able to move above that directory while logged in.
  • FTP transfers your password in plain text. It is extremely recommended that you set up a secure FTP client and use SSL/TLS so that your transmission is encrypted.